Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What is it!

So, having received a box full of  Grey Knights earlier this month, it's contents contained quite a lot of dodgy painted Rhinos due to layer upon layer and me not wanting to be any different, decided to add another layer!

So out came the Chaos Black spray and I got them primed in the base colour for my new Space marine army, so I spent a little time tonight adding the first few layers of highlights on the first Rhino.

Not hugely pleased with it, but hey! It was free, I reckon once some detail is added and some decals, it will take the eyes away from the overflowing glue etc

Another thing I started tonight for the same army was to De-Dark Angel some Dark Vengeance marines by filing and cutting off the symbol and smoothing some green stuff over it to smooth the shoulder pads giving me this as a result

Behind them is the second Rhino which is in a worse condition and will be getting the same treatment tomorrow

Have you guessed what army it is yet?


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